Dr. Elina Davidoff, O.D.

Doctor Elina Davidoff is the founder of Denver Eye Care. She offers care for all types of vision and eye health ailments. Dr. Davidoff practices medical-based optometry and preaches “patient first” approach providing the best care to all her patients. She is extremely passionate about providing quality and compassionate care to her patients, so they can have the best visual outcomes. Dr. Davidoff focused her career on advanced methods and techniques to diagnose complex issues. She helped to correct patients’ vision even if they had corneal diseases, irregularities, or corneal scars.

After earning Bachelor’s degree in Biology and then Master’s in Bioinformatics at Georgia State University in 2002, Dr. Davidoff moved to Memphis TN and completed her training at Southern College of Optometry becoming O.D. in 2007.

She completed her extensive optometric rotations with honors in primary eyecare, ocular disease, and specialty contact lenses. She provides comprehensive eye care for patients of all ages above 5 and is certified and licensed in diagnosis and management of anterior and posterior ocular diseases, urgent and emergency eyecare, and primary care.

We, at Denver Eye Care, strongly believe in helping those who don’t have the same access to medical care, as afforded in our great Country. Dr. Davidoff has participated in various medical missions in North America, South America, and Asia.

Dr. Davidoff’s hobbies include Argentine tango dancing, skiing, biking, and she has a strong passion for travel. Dr. Davidoff resides in Denver, CO with her husband, three children, a dog and a cat.

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